Non-profit government and public agencies and work values


Non profit goverment and public agencies and work values




Critique Assignment 3
Instructions: This assignment should be three single-spaced pages long (not including title, references, tables, and figures), with 1 inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font. All references should be cited according to APA. All three critiques below shall be made on the SAME article selected by the student.

Critique 3: Conclusion & Verdict (10 points)

What limitations are presented by the author(s)? What limitations did they fail to mention? Do you trust the conclusions presented? How does this conclusion compare to other studies? What is value addition of this article? Does it offer a worthwhile contribution to theory and/or practice? Are there any ethical issues in the study? Does the article provide future research directions? Where should future research be directed? Has this study enhanced your understanding of organizational behavior, if yes, how?

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