Read one of the essays below and then write a 2-3 page analysis of the author’s argument (its effectiveness and/or persuasiveness).

Rhetorical Analysis Option #1 – Michael Pollan, “Unhappy Meals”

Rhetorical Analysis Option #2 – Kristen Jozkowski, “‘Yes Means Yes?’ Sexual Consent Policy and College Students”

Additional Instructions:

As part of your analysis, be sure to identify and accurately summarize the author’s central claims.

To further support your analysis, include at least two direct quotes from the reading.

In terms of evaluating the author’s argument, it is necessary to demonstrate your own interpretive insights—your own explanation of the significance or implications of the author’s position.

The focus should be on the reading itself. Even if you draw upon your general knowledge about the issues in the reading, there is no need for any additional research (and, therefore, should not have a works cited page).